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Company History

PhilBAr developed PhilBArTrol™,  a patented “slotless” racecar, in the late 1960s by Robert Philpott and Holden Barre.  These “slotless” cars were featured on ESPN television in 1982 where several of the NASCAR drivers competed in a race driving scale models of their cars.  

Then in 1985, PhilBAr teamed with Thola Productions to design state of the art systems now being used in major theme parks.   In the spring of 1994, the first attraction to feature our patented PhilBArTrol™ technology was installed in Southern California. Because of this state-of-the-art control system, we were able to create sophisticated interactive show effects that fit into the park’s theme.  This installation has been followed by remote control installations at theme parks in 1996, 1998, two in 1999 and another in 2000.


In 1998 PhilBAr again teamed with Thola to design and install a remote control attraction just outside of Orlando, Florida.  Working closely with the amusement park’s engineers a telepresent remote control system was built that gives the guest the feeling of being in the driver seat using small on-board cameras bringing a new dimension to the guest.

All of the installations are utilizing the patented PhilBArTrol™ technology which has proven itself to be very reliable over the years with thousands of hours of play time logged in real time environments.

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